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26-Sep 9 AM 50 Days Onsite

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  • Real-Time Expert Trainers (more than 10 years experience in particular
  • technology)
  • Flexible timings
  • azure cloud training in Hyderabad
  • Do not worry about your timings because we are always with your timings.
  • Industry Specific Scenarios
  • Students are provided with all the Real-Time and Relevant Scenarios. With Real time workshops
  • live online Training courses
  • Industry Specific Scenarios
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  • Resume Preparation for interviews
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    Online Training Features

    1. Real-Time Expert Trainers

    We believe to provide our students the Best interactive experience as part of their learning

    Flexible timings

    Do not worry about your timings because we are always with your timings.

    Industry Specific Scenarios

    Students are provided with all the Real-Time and Relevant Scenarios.  With Real time workshops

    • Live online Training courses
    • Real-Time Expert Trainers
    • Industry Specific Scenarios
    • Video Recording Sessions
    • Soft Copy of Materials
    • Resume Preparion for interviews
    • Interview Preparation Tips interviews
    • 100 %Free job assistance

Who can do this course

This course is also suitable for graduation of (UG and PG) university and as well as who is having passion in system knowledge, Business and would like to enter this course.

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What does it covers

After course completion

  • Explain and use the basic functions of technology
  • Make the necessary settings for consumption-based planning
  • Utilize procurement optimization techniques
  • Release procedures
  • Process invoices and manage discrepancies
  • Enter goods movements in the system and make the relevant settings for special function.

Job Opportunities

  • (After passing the certification exam)
  • Business Process Owner
  • Team Lead
  • Power User and End User

Certification Exam

  • This course will lead you towards the following certification
  • Associate Level
  • 80 questions for the exam
  • 3 Hours duration
  • Passing Score is 80%

Course Content

    Introduction to Cloud Computing
    azure cloud training in India
    Understanding Cloud Computing
    Benefit and Feature of Cloud Computing
    Explain on Platform as a Service (PaaS), SaaS, IaaS
    Cloud Trends, Public and Private Cloud
     Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing
    Depth explain on Virtualization, Architecture of Cloud Computing
    Major Player on Cloud Infrastructure
    Getting Start with Microsoft Azure
    Overview of Microsoft Azure
    Explains on Azure Platform
    Getting Access to Azure
    Explain on Azure Resource Manager
    Using Azure Portal
    Manage Azure using Azure Portal
    Manage Azure using Power Shell
    Understanding on Management Services
    Create and View Resources
    Explain on Azure services
    Visual studio Online
    Overview of VSTS
    Create VSTS Account
    Roles And Responsibilities in Vsts
    Create Project and User mapping to vsts
    VSTS Access to Different roles
    Project management using vsts
    Test case Management through vsts
    Methodologies In VSTS(SCRUM,AGILE,CMMI)
    Deployment Group Creation
    Configure the VSTS service in the virtual machines
    Agent management in the VSTS
    Capacity Planning using VSTS
    Can Ban Board Management
    Scrum Managemen
    Repository Management/Branch Management
    Create the New repository
    Create the Master branch
    Create the Own Branches based on the developer requirement
    Branch merging
    Import Repository from Outside of the vsts to vsts
    Creating Pull Requests And Accepting Pull Requests
    CI/CD Process Using Vsts and Azure
    Task Creation Based on the Application Repository
    Create the CI Process
    Build Setup
    Environments Setup
    Authenticate Build to Azure Web service
    Failover Mechanism
    Load balancing
    Cluster Creation for Load Balancing
    Continues Integration Setup
    Test Cases Build
    Build alerts Configuration
    IAAS Deployments
    PAAS Deployments
    Micro Services Deployment using Azure
    Alerts Configuration Using Azure
    Arm Build and Release Templates Creation
    Azure Security Centre
    Monitor security and work loads
    Apply policy to ensure compliance with security standards
     Leverage advanced analytics and Threat intelligence to detect attacks
    Limit your exposure to threats
    Build And deployments through Power Shell
    Build And Deployments Authentication and authorization
    Working with Azure Storage
    Explain on Standard and Premium Storage
    Understanding Azure Storage Services (Blob, File, Table, Queue)
    Azure Storage Architecture
    Create Storage account
    How to create Blob, File using Azure Portal and Power Shell
    Customizing VM Storage
    Working with Azure App service
    Application HostingServices
    Service Plans
    Hosting Databases
    Hosting services on-premises vs Windows Azure
    Demo: Managing Databases and Azure Subscriptions
    Overview of App Service
    Deployment in App Service
    Deploy and maintaining web apps
    Configuring web apps
    Monitoring web apps and Web Jobs
    Traffic Manager
    Working with Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery
    Understanding on Replication
    Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Replication
    Failover with Azure
    Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery
    Implementing Azure Backup
    Best practices on Replication and Backup policy
    Working with Azure SQL Database
    Overview of SQL Database on Azure
    Manage and Understanding PowerShell Basics Using Azure Portal
    • Installing PowerShell
    • Getting started using PowerShell and scripting the Infra services
    How to Deploy Azure SQL Database
    Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
    Managing Azure SQL Database security
    Monitoring SQL Database in Azure
    Managing Azure SQL DB recovery
    Import and Export Data
    Working with Active Directory
    Overview of Active Directory
    Why need AD for Azure
    Active Directory Configuration in Azure
    Domain Controller in Azure
    AD Federated Services in Azure
    Custom domain
    Monitoring Azure Active Directory
    Azure Management and Automation
    Overview of Management activities on Azure
    Supporting Tools on Management
    Azure SDK
    Explain on Azure Power Shell Management
    VM and Template Management
    Azure VM agent
    Best Practices and Certification Tips