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    Understand the building blocks of AWS

    • Work with AWS compute and storage products and services, including EC2, EBS, and cloud formation templates, VPC, S3 storage and glacier
    • Work with AWS Scale and Networking services, including ELB, auto scale, cloud watches metrics and alarms, VPC, Amazon route 53, and cloud front distributions
    • Build a static highly available, fault tolerant and redundant web application service
    • Gain in-depth understanding of costs associated with AWS and techniques to save costs
    • Understand different AWS architectural design patterns
    • Get hands-on practice on all the major components covered in this course


    Today more than ever, businesses are racing to improve their cyber security. Job titles like “cyber security analyst,” “ethical hacker” and “penetration tester” are popping up all over IT job sites and any institution worth its salt offers cyber security certification courses . But what does this catchphrase “cyber security” mean, anyway, and why is it so important? According to Cisco , cyber security is “the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.” These security breaches are aimed at “accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.”


    In a world where a growing percentage of business transactions are conducted online, this makes security extremely challenging. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and innovative, and websites and corporate infrastructure must be constantly monitored and updated to avoid potential vulnerabilities. In a recent CSOnline survey, one-fifth of companies experienced critical system disruptions as a result of security vulnerabilities in 2017. Security company eSentire also reported that brute force and dictionary attacks were up 400% in 2017. On top of that, a McAfee study reported 71% of businesses believe that a shortage of IT security skills has made them a target for hackers, or resulted in damage through cyber attacks (McAfee 2017). It doesn’t take a data scientist to see that businesses absolutely must focus on online security to protect themselves and their customers!

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